Adeking is a multi-specialist which opened in 2003, Licensed in 2015.
The hospital offers dedicated specialist services in all matter of human-being and family health. it is managed by a group of consultants in Gynecology, pediatrics,Traditional Bone Setting ( Orthopedics), Traditional Medicines and General practitioners E.T.C. 
They are all still in active services.
We providing 24hrs consultant led and technology driven Medical and Traditional care services ( Tradomedical), the hospital is well equipped with modern operating for major treatments full admission facilities and stand-by generating sets. The hospital provide a wide range of of specialities Traditional bones setting( Orthopedics), Pediatrics,Traditional Medicines, Gynaecology, General Physiotherapy services in a pleasant environment. There is a prompt arrangement for in-house consultant and treatment home and abroad for sub-consultant at clients request.
Every effort is made to provide the best possible standard of services at Adeking Bones and Alternatives Therapy Hospital.



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