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Every effort is made to provide the best possible standard of services while you are at Adeking hospital and it is hope that your staying with us is as comfortable as possible. To help us maintain a high standard of services, any suggestions which you feel will add to the comfort and well-being of those in our care will be appreciated. This can be made verbally or in writting to the hospital manager.


About Us

Adeking is a multi-specialist which opened in 2003, Licensed in 2015.
The hospital offers dedicated specialist services in all matter of human-being and family health. it is managed by a group of consultants in Gynecology, pediatrics,Traditional Bone Setting ( Orthopedics), Traditional Medicines and General practitioners E.T.C. 
They are all still in active services.

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      Our Services

Adeking hospital staff and clients receive the very best in personalized medical and traditional care( tradomedical).
The services at Adeking fall into Two(2) categories:
* Provision of Traditional care.
* Provision of Medical care.

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